Efficiency Of The Process Of Soybean Seed Production In Paraguay

  • José Portillo Prieto
  • Gizele Ingrid Gadotti
  • Andrea Bicca Noguez Martins
  • Ivan Ricardo Carvalho
  • Maurício Horbach Barbosa
  • Tamires da Silva Martins
  • Francine Lautenchleger
  • Raquel Soares Lopes
  • Raquel Soares Lopes
  • Francisco Amaral Villela


The objective of this work was to evaluate the quality of the seeds produced in Caaguazú Department and to verify improvements in the production, packaging, storage and commercialization systems of the company. The work was carried out in the seed analysis laboratory of the company SEM-AGRO S.A.E., located in the district of Dr. Juan Eulogio Estigarribia, department of Caaguazú, Paraguay. The data were obtained through records implemented by the company's quality management system, which are performed in each company process, from the field to the commercialization. The percentage of planned and approved surface use for seeds is 64.7% in the harvests from 2010/11 to 2013/14. The average yield is 2,826 kg per hectare of seeds. The yield after conditioning is 1,870.5 kg per hectare of seeds, with 68% of use. The quality of the seed adds in the production of off-season in relation to the regular harvest. The sowing is concentrated in two cultivars and has less diversity of cultivars.
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