Agronomic and morphological characteristics of quinoa grown in the southern region of Rio Grande do Sul State

Rafael de Oliveira Vergara, Andréa Bicca Noguez Martins, Vanessa Nogueira Soares, Ivan Ricardo Carvalho, Mauricio Horbach Barbosa, Giordano Gelain Conte, Gizele Ingrid GAdotti, Raquel Ludke, Francisco Amaral Villela


 The objective of the present study was to describe the morphological characteristics that allow the differentiation of cultivars and to evaluate the agronomic characteristics that can determine the yield of Chenopodium quinoa cultivated in the southern part of Rio Grande do Sul. Quinoa is a pseudocereal that it is originally from the Andes region; it is consumed throughout the world due to its nutritional characteristics. Its introduction and production in Brazil are recent, so studies that make possible the increase of growing are of great importance. We evaluated the stem, leaf and inflorescence characteristics, number of seeds per branch, number of branches and mass of one thousand seeds, thus obtaining the agronomic characteristics. We calculated the yield of the cultivars using the adjusted formula for estimated yield. It was observed that the characteristics of the leaf could be used to differentiate the cultivars. It is possible to calculate the yield of the crop using the adjusted formula for estimated yield.


Chenopodium quinoa; yield estimation; varietal mixture; seed production

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