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Is Internet Interrupting your Routine Chores?

por grace edens (2020-02-04)

You have muted your cell phone, turned off the alerts and disconnected your landline phone for a while. You are absolutely upbeat about completing your work, there’s lot to be done and you are completely focused when you suddenly feel the need of browsing through your mails… well, a few minutes and you can continue working. Suddenly you feel the need of checking your Twitter account and then you remember to update your Facebook status about the recent Hollywood movie that you watched last night. Before you even realize or can imagine over an hour’s time is gone, and so has your zing to complete your work as soon as possible. Office Set Up 365 Product Key


While internet holds a plethora of much needed information, its infotainment or entertainment factor can at times distract you from your important tasks. It is such an addictive medium that you simply get swayed without keeping a track of time.


Given the nature of internet and the need to stay away from it can at times be a bit too much to handle. But some cool apps can help you completely concentrate while keeping all kinds of distraction at bay… even the urge to fiddle with your browser. Avg Activation Key Avg.Com/Retail


iA Writer, for instance, completely keeps all the distractions at bay from process of writing by offering you a completely clean screen with no added font formats and plain type, which helps you stay focused. For those who forget things easily, this app automatically saves your documents to iCloud or Dropbox. While the other words recede in the background of the page, it keeps you focused on the current expression. Mcafee Internet Security Product Key


Other Windows apps in the same league are FocusWriter and WriteMonkey, which keeps additional features hidden and help you concentrate on what is being written by offering a basic text mode option. Webroot Secureanywhere Antivirus Key


How about bidding adieu to your internet for some time? Freedom by Mac helps you do just that by shutting down your internet access for a fixed time span. All you need is to set an alarm and your internet will get automatically turned off. But if you wish to use Wiki or Google while working, you can try out Mac’s Anti-Social, which simply restricts social browsing. So, you may not end-up checking your status updates on Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr and Twitter etc but you can continue to work on your internet-based projects. In case of Windows extensions like LeechBlock for Firefox and Nanny for Google Chrome can do the trick for you. Mcafee Livesafe Product Key


Now, that you have put all the distractions at bay, how about getting a scheduling assistant? Try out Binary Hammer’s 30/30 (iOS), a free time management app that ensures great time management and keeps you on the track. This app comes with icon-based functions and allows you to sync color coded tasks to various devices to help you track your current engagement in no time. Activate Trend Micro bestbuypc Product Key