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Top 10 Remote Jobs For a Graduate Student

por Moscow Smile (2019-07-08)

You will need to first identify your area of interest in a variety of these jobs and select the best for you. In this era, you can get accredited with a degree while working at home as well as earn a living. If you need flexibility in your work, then you are up to this challenge. Consider these remote jobs for your start.

Admission recruiter

A graduate is ideal to admit students in a newly established college around. The prerequisites for this job are good presentation skills and a bachelors degree. The graduate is expected to participate in community groups and all recruitment events in the college.


  • Offer customer service.

  • long-lasting relationships.


  • Lack of funds for recruitment departments.

  • The initiative required to plan the work.

Billing assistant

The graduate should be reliable and able to multitask. Needs to be available on weekends and evening hours. Should implement organization systems and resolve payment issues.


  • High school diploma only.

  • Good salary.


  • Repetitive work.

  • Low-starting salary.

Freelance writer

The position offers the opportunity for freelancing. One is expected to assist in creating content free of grammatical errors and proper formatting. By the way, Legitimateessaywriting is hiring now.


  • Flexibility.

  • Control over your creation.


  • Fraudsters.

  • Distractions at home.