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Sophia Naomi Gobble can be a 35-calendar calendar year-aged golfing caddy who enjoys thieving sweet from infants, feeding on out and meditation. She's featuring and entertaining, but can be really evil as well as a little bit cowardly. She is a Dutch Buddhist who defines herself as gay. She accomplished school then left academia. She supplies a Extraordinary phobia of heights, which is obsessive about Star Wars. Bodily, Sophia is in fantastic ailment. She is very quick with chocolate pores and skin, grey hair and brown eyes. She has an x-wing on her decreased yet again. She grew up inside of a Doing The task class neighbourhood. She was elevated by her father, her mother owning however still left when she was young. She is now solitary. Her most up-to-date romance was by using a journalist called Hannah Rachel Phillips, who was the equivalent age as her. They broke up a result of the fact Sophia's snappiness introduced on lots of rows. Sophia's best friend will likely be a golf caddy often called Dennis Alexander. They have a really firey friendship. She also hangs all around with Alex Reid and Casper Marshall. They delight in Rubix cube together.

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