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Silber Bryant

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Mohammad Harold Greenway is usually a 47-yr-outdated tradesperson's assistant who enjoys experiencing Motion picture game titles, viewing the flicks and Incredible ironing. He is considerate and welcoming, but will even be quite unfriendly as well as a bit unstable. He is definitely an American Buddhist who defines himself as bisexual. He failed to end school. He has a significant phobia of worms, and it can be obsessive about organic veggies. Bodily, Mohammad is a little bit overweight but in every other scenario in Superb kind. He's regular-peak with walnut pores and skin, brown hair and brown eyes. He gives a tatoo with the aubergine between his shoulder blades. He grew up in just a middle system neighbourhood. Soon after his mom died when he was younger, he was raised by his father He is at this time married to Karen Amirah Corridor. Karen is analogous age as him and operates as A non-public mentor. Mohammad has two kids with spouse Karen: Halima aged two and Kian aged six. Mohammad's ally is really a tradesperson's assistant identified as Fatimah Butler. These are inseparable. He also hangs all-all around with Sabah Li and Jaxon Quinn. They love meditation collectively.