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There exists a secret in the mortgage industry that your lender doesn't want you to know BUT could help save your home, modify your loan and perhaps get thousands of dollars in restitution-the Forensic Loan Audit! Even better, this secret protects the homeowner under State and Federal laws.

Millions of loans during the heady years (mostly from 2002-2006) of the housing bubble were funded with violations, some deliberately by greedy brokers or lenders and others by mistake caused by lack of attention or negligence. Whatever the reasons, if your loan has just one violation, there are severe penalties your lender faces, including legal action that compels the lender to repay ALL INTEREST PAID TO DATE BACK TO YOU!

An example: Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner have paid $35,000 in interest over the past three years on their easy installment loan. Through a Forensic Loan Audit, violations are discovered, Federal and/or State. Under the law, the lender would have to repay the $35,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner.

But wait, there's more! If your loan is audited and violations are discovered, this automatically STOPS the foreclosure process if started, as the burden of proof lies with the lender. They cannot collect on your loan once litigation begins. That's right-the homeowner DOES NOT have to make mortgage payments during the process. It is advisable to put the monthly amount of the loan payment into a separate bank account.

The audit process is costly and time consuming for lenders and they don't always respond on time, resulting in default on their part. But, the only way to find out if your loan is faulty is to have an audit by a qualified professional.

A forensic 2500 installment loan for bad credit audit may be a good strategy to keep the wolves at bay while buying time for hard-pressed homeowners. Plus, who knows-you might even be compensated thousands of dollars in interest and wouldn't that be great? Now that's a stimulus package!

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