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When I was nine years old, I received a scholarship from the State Orchestra to play the flute. Now, I play for the International Symphony Orchestra. My cousin and her husband just arrived from Australia. We are seeing them this Saturday to do some archery together. I can't wait to meet them! Hi, my name is Gerry and I play as the goalie for the state university. We are having a match this Friday. I hope you can drop by to watch the game. I will be meeting my fiance's parents for the first time this July. I am excited and anxious at the same time. I hope they'll like me. My brother and I will be buying a beach lot this September. It was always our childhood dream to live near the beach. My name is Phin and I play the bass guitar in the band called Supersonic. We will be touring Asia this June till September. Ian, Melde and I have always been beach babies. We knew how to surf at five years old. We always hoped to live next to each other by the beach. My Aunt Carmen has taught me so much about skincare. She makes sure I take care of my skin to avoid wrinkles in the long run. Through her, I make sure that I put on a mask, eye cream and moisturizer every night. My skin has been hydrated since then. Every morning, I make sure to put on some moisturizer and sunscreen to avoid sun damage to the skin. My skin looks so radiant. In my experience, Europe has very expensive accommodation compared to Asia. Whenever in Europe, I would suggest to travel with a group to save on costs. I love going to California! The weather is incredible and there is so much to do. I could lounge in the beach all day and party at fancy clubs at night. My friends and I stayed in a local guest house for my bridal shower. Thailand will always be remarkable because of my bride tribe! Our local guest house was very cost effective that we had extra money to do shopping and dine at a fancy restaurant. We recommend our accommodation because it was very clean, inexpensive, they offer great service and many amenities. For us, the stay was worth it. My relatives stayed in a beach resort in Guam. We stayed in the city area where a lot of the shopping happens. I love resorts with a balcony overlooking the sea. The lady at the front desk was so kind enough to upgrade me to an Ocean View room. As much as I love beach resorts, I always stay in a city hotel if I have business conferences or workshops. I find it more convenient and get work done more efficiently. My husband and I really love working in a nice, quiet space. The quietness gives us a blank canvas that our minds can work on without boundaries. I have been living in a suitcase for fifteen years as a travel writer. Since my fiance proposed, I am now working on settling down in a place in Malibu. When going to expensive cities, I make sure to travel with my family. I find it much more cost effective to travel in a group. I love the privacy that my hotel offers. It is a family-run hotel off the cliff of Indonesia. I love the view because it is overlooking the Philippine Sea. I travelled as a backpacker to Guatemala. Upon arrival, I met some fellow backpackers along the way. I got to meet a lot of people during this trip. I met people from Australia and Japan. We had the same love for coffee so we planned a day to experience the coffees of Guatemala. We immensely enjoyed the coffee experience together that we planned to meet again at another coffee country. I found great coffee friends in this trip. My trips are always memorable because of the interesting people I meet from all over the world. I met my husband through the one of my travels. Hi! My name is Ping and I am your travel guide. We can take a tour of the history and culture from Singapore to Malaysia. Hi Everyone! I will be posting my review on the best family friendly resorts in Hawaii. My article features quiet resorts to the party atmosphere ones. Next week I’ll share my strategy for finding the best fashion tours in Paris, France. I will be sharing tips on how to gain entrance tickets to exclusive shows. After all my years as a travel blogger, convenience is a top priority for me. I have now graduated from camping to glamping. I now enjoy my comforts quite a bit more. Since I have gained travel miles, I can now fly first class and enjoy the amenities. I am so addicted to strawberry milk lately. I recently just bought eight gallons of strawberry milk and I always eat it with my cereals. Right now, we are serving blueberry muffin and a choice of strawberry tea or strawberry milk. We have been harvesting a lot of strawberries in the farm. Our family owns five hectares of land. My father has decided to use one hectare as residence and the other four hectares as banana plantation. My mother's birthday is coming up and I am so excited! We plan to surprise her and spend the weekend at an expensive resort. I just got back from Indonesia and I am so overwhelmed by the amount of laundry that I need to do. Next time, I will pack light during my travels. I feel so stoked right now. I just discovered that I can do my work on my phone! I am typing using a Bluetooth keyboard. How amazing is that! My friends love green tea so much. I tried to like it because it is said to be healthy but I always feel nauseous after drinking green tea. My favorite part of the morning is drinking coffee paired with chocolate cake. I started eating this combo after I graduated from University. After my sister, Paula, finished boarding school; she developed a discipline on how to have a system in her studies as well as her lifestyle. I am so amazed at how much she has matured. She knows how to cook, make the bed, do the laundry. I'm glad she had the chance to experience this. My father has been so silent the whole day and I wondered why he was so serious. Later I found out that he was just trying to solve his sudoku game. It has been a tradition that we have movie night every Friday. My parents always look forward to the movie selection we are showing. My brother has so many books. I often wonder if he ever gets the chance to read all of them. He buys eight books every month. This year, I am committing on reading one book per month. This month, I am reading Wisdom meets Passion by Dan Miller and Jared Angaza. Today, we went to the Veterinary clinic to have my three dogs vaccinated. At first, they were so excited until they so the doctor by the door. I love the weather right now! It feels like spring in a tropical country. I hope the weather stays like this for three more months. My cousin went to Singapore and bought me a bag of Salted Egg Potato Chips. I finished the bag in ten minutes. I am asking her to buy me some more. I recently taught my father to download some games in his cellphone. Now, he cannot be disturbed because he is always playing wordscapes. I have been playing songs from Tontrakul lately. I am so in love with the beats that they are doing. I am hoping to see them live in Thailand next year. My friends and I have been wanting to try glamping. It's a combination of glam camping where we stay in a tent with complete hotel amenities. I am Hayao, born and raised in Japan. I recently discovered that my roots trace back to Ireland when my cousins visited me. Hi! My name is Racini and i love to travel. I just came from the Carribean Islands and I am now off to a jungle adventure in Zimbabwe. My name is Xyzha and I love make up! I was awarded as the 89th platinum customer of Sephora and they send me a care package every month. Hello! I'm ZsaZsa and i just finished writing a book. I can't tell you the details yet but please do keep posted on when i am launching it. My name is Azura and i just graduated Senior High. My parents are throwing a party this evening and they invited Momoland to perform. I am Bert and I am stuck in traffic for an hour now. I am feeling very anxious because I might miss my flight to Toronto. My name is Vita and i work in a pub. I meet a lot of people everyday and i am happy to be able to share with them the different types of drinks. Aloha! I'm Eigen and just finished my first leg of the surfing competition. The waves in Hawaii are so high and I am not used to it. My name is Alley and I design bags. I am releasing a futuristic capsule collection this fallwinter and I am showcasing a lot of holograms. Hi! I am Carson and i just injured my foot while playing basketball. The team is now taking me to the hospital to get myself checked. My name is Sharon, a mother of two. My family is going camping and I am looking for tips on how to do it with 2 little tots. I am Madeline, 29 years old and diagnosed with perimenopausal. My doctor said this happens to 1 in 1000 women in the world. Hi! I am George and I work as a Business Developer in a bank. I wine and dine in various restaurants and I am looking for more places that I could try. My name is Harold and a retired engineer. My kids have all gone to different states for college and i miss them so much. I think about them all the time. Hi! I am a photographer, my name is Reggie. The State of Arizona has invited me to cover for their 308th Annual Hot Air Balloon Event. My name is Mildred and I am a nanny. I make sure to pick up Ashton from school and wait for him while he finishes violin lessons. My name is Levi and I am a voice trainor. I have been in this industry for 20 years and have trained a lot of Hollywood actors and actresses. I love shoes and people say that's my addiction. I have 92 pairs and counting. I am renovating a shoe room because it doesn't fit in my closet. I am Fely and i have a collection of spoons from different countries. I live to travel just so i can complete my collection. I am ordering a box of pizza because I am expecting friends to come over. We get together every Friday to unwind from work. My head and body is aching and it would really be great to get a massage. I might try the bentosa cupping and foot massage later. I am Rissa and I work as a Pediatric Operating Nurse.

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