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Allow us to accurate some erroneous heritage. Our Northern European ancestors were not barbarians. To be a matter of simple fact they have been remarkably civilized, traded with the whole world and gave writing towards the Greeks. In 1600 BC a very brisk trade existed among the Frisians (Northern Europeans) as well as the Phoenicians, whom they known as "Kadhhmar" or "Coastline Dwellers." From there to Greece. Even the Greeks express that their writing wasn't their own personal creation. It was introduced to them by Kadmus, the Phoenician. Who acquired it in the Frisians. Many of present day religious scholars believe that our Northern European ancestors were barbaric and had no composed language of their unique. Improper! They are saying the Greek alphabet is linked With all the Hebrew alphabet. Not so!. The shape in the Greek letters differs greatly in the Hebrew Writing.

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