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Download these apps to save data on your Android device now

If you want to save money, besides using data management tools in the settings menu, installing data saver apps is also a great solution. If you do not know which is the best data saver app for Android, here are some of the best suggestions for you.

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1, DataEye

DataEye is one of the great data saver apps for Android. It is a basic application because it does not offer many options. The app will display your real-time data usage, including how the application uses data. You can also turn off unnecessary apps and data synchronization automatically in the background. It also provides a tab containing some suggested ads, but you can easily skip them if you do not want to see them. Despite of the fact that this app is extremely simple, it still offers all useful features that help you save data connections effectively.


2, GlassWire

If you are looking for an app for monitoring mobile data usage, GlassWire is also an ideal choice. It monitors the network usage of each application every day. It also prevents some apps from using too much data. GlassWire interface is useful and easy to use and actually, there is nothing to complain about it. This app will show you which applications are "consuming" the most amount of mobile data so that you can uninstall them. The premium version offers more advanced features, but GlassWire free version is good enough for most of the users.

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3, Datally

Datally is a data saver application developed by Google. Like other apps, it displays the amount of data that each application consumes. It allows you to lock apps running in the background that are using mobile data and set daily usage limits to prevent you from exceeding the amount of data allowed. Datally also offers a number of convenient features such as Bedtime mode that automatically blocks background data at night. It previously could block a specific application, not allowing it to use mobile data, but Google has removed this function for several reasons. Overall, Datally works pretty well.

4, Android Go

It would be a big mistake without mentioning Android Go - one of the most excellent data saver apps that you should install on your Android device. It has created a series of Lite & Go apps which have a small size and use less data. Some famous options can be mentioned here are Facebook Lite, Gmail Go, Spotify Lite, Facebook Messenger Lite, UC Browser Mini, and YouTube Go. These applications not only run fast but also use less data than the original version while users still can enjoy all their features. Most of the apps are offered for free so let’s download these lite apps to experience right now.

Here were some of the best data saver apps that you should install on your Android device. Give them a try and you won’t regret doing that. Hope you find it useful and feel free to share with friends if you like. To find more Downloadapk, please visit our APK site.