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Chris can be a generous IT technician that is obsessed with Donald Trump ~ A Biography ~ Chris Shane Chen is really a 53-calendar year-outdated IT technician who enjoys swimming, enjoyable and meditation. He is generous and inventive, but can even be very lazy in addition to a bit unfriendly. He's a Japanese Buddhist who defines himself as bisexual. He contains a diploma in computing. He is allergic to nickel. He is obsessive about Donald Trump. Bodily, Chris is in very good condition. He is quite tall with walnut pores and skin, brown hair and black eyes. He has a couple of distinguishing attributes together with a nasal kink in addition to a tattoo of Donald Trump on his decreased back again. He grew up in an higher class neighbourhood. He was elevated by his father, his mother obtaining remaining when he was younger. He is presently married to Aya Tamsin Sanchez. Aya is similar age as him and performs as an electrician. Chris has four youngsters with wife Aya: Lydia aged six, Gloria aged 9, Elle aged 12 and Mikey aged sixteen. Chris's best friend is an IT technician named Homer Roberts. They get on properly usually. He also hangs all around with Jim Smyth and Jeffrey Gutierrez. They love camping jointly.

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