The Public Perception of Police Corruption in Venezuela and its Effect on National Government

Jennifer Marek


It is not surprising that many citizens of Latin American countries believe public officials are corrupt. Decades of authoritarian rule, crime, and highly publicized corruption scandals have reduced confidence in many, if not all, government institutions. The public perception of corruption in Venezuela however, presents an intriguing case. Traditional explanations—economic factors, regime stability, and quality of life—are unable to account for the high levels of perceived corruption in government. This author argues, the public perception of police corruption strongly influences the perception of corruption in national government in Venezuela. Using OLS regression, the author statistical analyzes national-level Latinobarómetro data from 2002-2010. The results indicate a strong, significant relationship between perception of police and government corruption.


corruption; Venezuela; Latin America; law enforcement

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Indexação: Clase - Citas Latinoamericanas en Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades; DOAJ; Latindex.


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