Estimated DNA content in strawberry

  • A G Guimarães
  • V C Andrade Júnior
  • L A S Pio
  • M Pasqual
Keywords: Flow cytometry, Ploidy, Breeding


The estimate of the amount of DNA is important in plant breeding due to be recognized for genomic characterization, auxiliary in evolutionary studies, to verify ploidy levels results in intersections, among other purposes. The aim of this study was to estimate the amount of DNA from eight strawberry cultivars. For the analyzes were used leaf discs taken from each cultivar from young and expanded leaves and as internal reference standard from young leaves of pea. Data were subjected to statistical analyses and histograms were generated for each analyzed cultivar and coefficients of variation. For each sample 10,000 nuclei were analyzed. The Campinas cultivar showed the highest amount of DNA, and did not differ from Aromas, Camarosa, Diamante, Dover, and Toyonoka Festival. Oso Grande cultivar showed the lowest amount of DNA, which may be due to smaller chromosome size or chromosomal mutations due to losses, but to be sure it is necessary to make future studies of cytogenetic analysis.