Physical, thermal and aerodynamic properties of rice grain varieties BR IRGA 409 and BRS Primavera

  • Áthina Bárbara Medeiros e Souza
  • Flívia Fernandes De Jesus Souza
  • Raniele Tadeu Guimarães De Souza
  • Pâmella De Carvalho Melo
  • Ivano Alessandro Devilla
Keywords: Oryza sativa, ecosystems, BR IRGA 409, BRS PRIMAVERA.


The rice is a major crop with economical and social importance in many countries. The production systems of this crop promote changes in the properties of the grains. The aim of this work was to characterize the grains of two rice cultivars recommended for the ecosystems: lowland and upland. Hulled rice was used, from the long and thin category, from the lowland BR IRGA 409 cultivar, and, upland BRS Primavera cultivar. Moisture contents of grains was 9,6 (% u.b.), then were determined the sphericity, circularity, apparent and unit specific mass, porosity rest angle, thermal conductivity, specific heat, thermal diffusivity, terminal velocity. The cultivars presented different values for sphericity and rest angle, but did not differ in apparent specific mass, unit specific mass, porosity and thousand grain weight, as well as in the thermal properties and terminal velocity. 
Technical Note