The physical and mechanical properties of recycled gypsum and potential application of pre-molded panels

Olindo Savi, Rafael Alves Souza, Nilson Tadeu Mascia, Mateus Henrique Souza


This study analyses the physical properties of recycled gypsum and mechanical performance of pre-molded gypsum panels made of recycled gypsum. A compatation with commercial gypsum physical properties and mechanica behavior of pre-molded commercial gypsum panels is also carried out. After collection, recycling and grinding gypsum residues, the quality of the powder produced was evaluated in terms of units of mass and fineness modulus. Additional tests of the dry paste were conducted for assessment of hardness, water absorption, and compressive strength of recycled gypsum. The commercial potential of the material was evaluated by the bending strength testing pre-molded panels. The results demonstrate that gypsum recycling is sustainable, ecologically correct and feasible for the production of pre-molded elements with great potential use in civil construction. 

Keywords: gypsum panels, mixed pastes, sustainable, gypsum pastes.

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