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Postcolonial and Intersectional studies. Multidimensional approaches and challenges for black women in Americas

This dossier aims to disseminate research findings focused on challenges for black women in Americas (North America, South America, Central America/Caribbean).  We aim to find out how and if black women employ strategies to face racial, gender, class, color, ethnic discrimination. What are those strategies?  How they are developed. It is possible to say those strategies are the same in different parts of Americas? Does interlocking systems of power like colonialism, imperialism, sexism, classism, racism, patriarchyhave the same way of appearing in different parts/countries? How to build an agenda to face multidimensional/intersectional oppression against black women in Americas? It is possible to build decolonializing strategies beyond borders?

It will be accepted manuscripts that discuss (but are not limited to) above issues in each country or in comparison among different countries in Americas.

Manuscripts may be written in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish. Articles must mention at least two Canadian authors in bibliography. And must be submitted at Dossier Section - Interfaces – Brasil-Canadá, through journal website

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