The Impact of the NAFTA over the Canadian Automotive Industry throughout 20 Years

Francisco Ernesto Navarrete


This research aims to explain the impact that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has had over the Canadian automotive industry since it was signed in 1994. It shows the development of the Canadian production throughout these years, from the beginning, in the early 20th century, until today; compared with those of the American and Mexican production. It also includes an explanation of the commerce with the United States of America´s market, its added-value, the trades evolution and how NAFTA countries have faced the new world economic order, focusing on the high-value manufacturing; additionally, it makes a detailed analysis of the main Canadian achievements that have been reached in the sector, and the challenges that Canada has faced as a country and as well as region. Finally the figure is compared and analyzed with the China´s manufacturing rise in these last 20 years and its impact.


Canadian Industry, NAFTA, Automotive Production, Manpower

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