“Seeing with a so-called fresh eye”: Revisiting P.K. Page’s writings on Brazil

Magali Sperling Beck


The work of Canadian poet P.K. Page is mostly known in Brazil due to her depictions of this country in essays, poems, and in her travel book Brazilian journal. Such representations have been approached by critics both as creative experimentations in Page’s artistic career, and as ambiguous and problematic portraits, as they rely on the exotification of the other. Thus, in this article, I revisit Page’s writings on Brazil from the very space of contradiction that usually marks narratives of geographical displacement. Yet, I attempt to demonstrate that her experience in Brazil propelled her to reflect more intensely about an intrinsic connection between place and identity.


P.K. Page; Travel; Identity

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15210/interfaces.v16i2.8389


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