Perception of family functionality during social confinement by Coronavirus Disease 2019 / Percepção da funcionalidade familiar durante o confinamento social devido ao Coronavírus 2019

Carla Sílvia Fernandes, Bruno Magalhães, Sílvia Silva, Beatriz Edra


Objective: to assess the perception of family functionality in times of social confinement by Coronavirus 2019 pandemic. Method: it's a descriptive, correlational and cross-sectional study with Portuguese population regarding sociodemographic characteristics, vital cycle phase and application of the Family Assessment Scale Adaptation, Partnership, Growth, Affection and Resolve. Results: the sample consisted of 376 people. The Scale average score is 8.18. Despite the average value indicates a highly functional family, 18.9% of the participants’ present values below, compatible with a family with moderate dysfunction or with severe dysfunction. Conclusions: the pandemic can stimulate awareness about the important role of the family in people's lives and nurses to think of the family as the focus of care and their intervention.



Pandemics; Family relations; Coronavirus; Family

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