Academic Literacies and gamification: “strengths” and “weaknesses” in the visual-verbal textualization process

Gabriel Guimarães Alexandre, Fabiana Cristina Komesu


This article analyzes discursive positions in visual-verbal productions of a Skills Tree (mechanics of the digital online game League of Legends), based on a gamified activity. A discursive position is understood as an enunciative position which characterizes a social and ideological identity in a certain discursive field (MAINGUENEAU, 2004). The theoretical framework is based on studies of New Literacy Studies and French Discursive Analysis concerning social practices of reading and writing in academic context. The qualitative-interpretative analysis focuses on observing “strengths” and “weaknesses” recognized by the subjects themselves in this activity. The article aims to contribute to academic literacies studies, presenting game principles as didactic devices and resources which can be observed in different institutional contexts (academic and professional, for example). Furthermore, this proposal has the advantage of being able to be performed with or without the use of digital technologies.


Academic Literacies; Gamification; Discourse

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